To empower diversity of thought is to welcome diversity of people. Learn to think different; learn to love other people’s diverse thoughts. To accomplish this in business, companies must create an environment where constructive feedback thrives and teams are able to converse candidly with each other. For companies experiencing or hoping for growth, building effective teams is the best way to ensure long term success.

I’ve combined years of military experience leading small teams in stressful operations with research in the positive psychology field to establish a consulting and contracting practice that helps you build and lead teams that organically promote a strong, scalable company culture.



Culture consulting

  • I spent years in the military building and leading teams to conduct fast-paced and high stress missions across the globe. We were most successful when rooted in purpose and each other.

  • My favorite project is helping craft strong mission statements that ground companies in their “why.”

  • I’ll help you turn-around struggling teams to create a thriving, psychologically safe environment.


Project Management

Pricing based on project duration, location, and commitments

  • Short-term projects that require more than a consultant but aren’t big enough for a full-time hire. Typically less than 3 mos.

  • Ideal for smaller companies in need of strong leadership just below the C-suite to execute time-critical tasks, or for companies needing to fill a critical role while searching for a full-time placement.